Save your friends. Save your enemies. Save yourself.

Saturated Dreamers follows Mercedes and company on a journey to Lake -- a sentient, alien lake-world -- in search for clues of what happened to the expeditionists who came before. Players pilot the Leda, a multi-functional ship designed to explore Lake and befriend its creatures, find and learn new abilities, purify the Lake of its poison and more.

Saturated Dreamers has been in development for over 8 years by the team that brought you Immortal Defense. The Lake will rise... when it's done.

2015 Teaser

Dream team.

Saturated Dreamers comes from the designers of Immortal Defense -- a "cult-classic" independent game highly regarded for its storytelling and strategic gameplay. Saturated Dreamers is being made by designer and programmer Paul Eres, co-writer Jeanne Thornton, author of The Dream of Doctor Bantam -- a Lambda Literary Award LGBT Debut finalist, and composers Long Dao and Walter Eres, who wrote over three hours of original music for the game, as well as psychedelic rock band Crazy Mary who provided additional music.


Jeanne Thornton | Aurum Naturals | Crazy Mary

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